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"All our dishes are made from scratch with passion, dedication and love."

- Founder of Bakmi Lim, David Lim


Our story begins in Jakarta, Indonesia...

Growing up in Indonesia, my family and I loved eating noodles - noodles dishes are a staple of our culture! In every corner of every street, there were noodle shops as far as the eye could see. Every morning, I would wake up to the aura of a fresh noodle bowl for breakfast and this became a tradition for our family.

My father loves making noodles from scratch (and the apple doesn't fall far from the tree)! From savouring noodles as a young child to learning how to make noodles from scratch, I then began experimenting with cooking different Indonesian food. This is the story of Bakmi Lim Noodle Project - a legacy to my father.

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